The author realized that the implementation of research and the completion of the writer of this paper because the Lord God who gives blessings of health, strength and ability as well as people who are always ready to help in all terms and time, God always gives more according to His will and giving it more than we requested. Praise and Gratitude therefore the authors give to the Lord God.

A sincere thank you from my heart for Arie Mamesah Papa, Mama Stansye Seon, who has given birth to, raise, educate, pray and pay for writer in the study. Precious sister to Ledrin Mamesah S.Th M.Si who have supported, helped and comforted at all times along with the author’s brother Kres Sukendar S.Ked. and also often the author’s nephew Joackhim Noah Sukendar an entertaining writer is the author anywhere.

Acknowledgements the author accompanied respect goes to Ir. Nilly Pasuhuk M.Sc., who has guided the Author The author was in SMA Kr 2 Binsus Tomohon.

Acknowledgements The author accompanied respect goes to Mr. Hendry Nelwan S.S, Mr. CH. Kahuweka,
Emmor Sujadi S.S and Victor A Eman S.Pd Provide advice that advice even more so the parents during the author was in SMA Kr 2 Binsus Tomohon
The author thanks also goes to:
– The principal and vice principal SMA Kr 2 Binsus Tomohon
– Teachers, librarians, security guards, and hygiene, as well as the consumption in a residential care workers
– Leadership and Staff employees SMA Kr 2 Binsus Tomohon
– My friends: Natural science Two (MAFIA) Andre Christian , Iqha Kayori , Natazzya Velhaniya , Angela Mandey , Mariska Rooroh Phoenician , Ginsu Francisco , Donny Marciano Lagarense Galvani , Tesa Wahani , Ngantung Bryant , Joel Yeyex , Febrilya Regina, Micky E. Walukow, Euniqhe ‘Midhori Zhinzoo’ Mogonta , Dhydi Langgori ,Gaby Taroreh ,Theophilus Ngantung , Jovan Wiradhana Nelwan , Sofhya Thiodora , Gilang Vidy Tempo , Grace audia Palit , Arischa Rompis , Vinilia Vini , Gaby Metusala , Karmila Padele , Dewi Kalesaran , Yolanda Teza Monoharfa, Renaldy Ombuh, and another friends Ma7es†y not to mention here. Thanks for the kind of friends.

And all those who have helped the authors of this paper may be done so well.
Grace of the Lord Jesus Christ, and love of God and the fellowship of the Holy Spirit is with us.
Tomohon, February 2012
Robin Samuel Mamesah